Kuwahara supporters around the world, it has been a good run!  This website has grown from a small informative website to what it is today, a complete and in-depth guide to all Vintage Kuwahara BMX.

Google analytics shows thousands of people visit this site each month from all around the world.  And have worked with many Excellent Collectors and Kuwahara related reps that have provided much information and contributed greatly to this site.  We appreciate all the help and all the support from visitors that rely on data from our site.

However, running this site has become more of a challenge especially with keeping it up to date with newer information that comes to light, more photos, tables and graphs.  And unfortunately, this is not something we can continue to do at this time.

Therefore, we will be looking for a replacement to take over the operations of this website.  We already have a good idea of whom we would like to continue the work, but if you know of a knowledgeable person on vintage Kuwahara BMX, then please feel free to contact us as we have not yet decided.  Besides having the dedication, time and knowledge of Kuwahara’s history in BMX, expertise in web design, graphic design, web development including php, and css will be a requirement.

Thank you!