Kuwahara KE-1

Lifecycle: Late 1981 – 1983
Frame Model: KE-1 (Mistakenly called KYZ)
Factory Colors: Chrome w/ Black parts, Black w/ Chrome parts, Blue with Gold parts, Gold finish on Chrome w/ Black parts (Canada only)
Frame: Tri-Moly – Chrome-Moly Tubing (Front Triangle) / High Tensile Steel (Rear Triangle)
Fork: 100% Full Chrome-Moly
Serial #: Starting T1, T2, T3
Decals: Generation 2 w/® and w/o ®
Gusset: Version 1 – Drilled hole for Centerpull Brake Hook-Up (Similar to KZ-1) / Version 2 – No drilled hole (similar to ET)
Top Tube Length: 18.25″
Weight: 27 pounds, 5 ounces (approx.)
Weight (Frame): 2551 – 2597 grams (approx.)

Frame Facts: The ET and KE-1 use the same exact same frame size and geometry.  However, the ET was a high tensile frame whereas the KE-1 was a Tri-Moly frame. However, the Leftover ET KE-1s were ultimately high tensile which we will go into more detail below.

Gusset: Gusset has either a) a small hole on the right side next to the big hole, similar to the KZ-1 and KZ-2 or b) no small hole on the right side next to the big hole. The KE-1s without this small hole and are debated as being leftover ET’s in chrome which is and is NOT the case. KE-1s with no small hole were made all through out 1982 and 1983 alongside the ET. And ET’s were made into the early months of 1983.

Leftover ETs: In 1983, Everything Bicycles had thousands of leftover ETs in their warehouses in the USA which could not sell. These were all 82 stamped ET complete bikes. They had GJS disassemble, strip, polish, chrome plate and re-assemble them using the same ET parts.  Then these were re-marketed and sold as KE-1 models. So in fact, 1982 KE-1 models can in fact be an ET re-packaged as an KE-1. You can tell by noticing the components

Leftover ET Component Differences: The KE-1s that would have been ETs have subtle differences in their components. They would have a Black Tech 2 Brake lever (instead of Black Pre Bent or Tech 3), Silver Suntour seat clamp (instead of the Black Dia Compe hinged seat clamp), Black Dia Compe brake cable housing (instead of a Silver Dia Compe Brake cable housing similar to the Laserlite).

KE-1 (Incorrectly known as KYZ)
Year:1981 - 1983
Model:KYZ (w/ Nice Welds)
Frame:Tange (Tri-Moly)
Fork:Tange TX-Super (Chromoly)
Headset:Hatta MX-II (Black)
Stem:Sugino 'Crown' (Black)
Handlebars:Kusuki WIN V-Bar
Grips:OGK Vinyl 17-77A
Cranks:Sugino One-Piece 178mm
Spider:Sugino Spider (110 BCD)
Chainring:Suntour 44T (Black)
Chainring Bolts:Sugino (Stamped)
Pedals:KKT AMX (Black)
Chain:KEC (Black)
Freewheel:Suntour 16T (Black)
Rims:Araya 7x (Black)
Hubs:Suntour High Flange
Tires:IRC Racer 80x Skinwall
Seat Post:Nagaoka Fluted Aluminum
Seat:Tahei Elina
Seat Clamp:Dia Compe (Black)
Brake Caliper:Dia Compe 890 (Black)
Brake Lever:D.C. Pre-Bent Black (Early '82)
D.C. Tech 2 Black (1982+)
D.C. Tech 3 Black (1983)
Brake Cable:Dia Compe (Silver)