Finally, after more catalogued information, notes and research, our database now covers a decade of Vintage Kuwahara BMX models and information spanning from 1979 right through to 1988!

This includes the last of the Japan made race models and introducing a Freestyle era of Japan made models right into early 1986.  Models include the Laser-Lite (not Laserlite), 85+ Nova, KM-1 Mini, Apollo Mini, Apollo 16, Exhibitionist and Bravo!  And of course, all of the post-1985 Taiwan Made BMXs by Anlun, such as the Laserlite-3000, Nova Titlist, Magician, Scamp, Scamp CB, Hopper, Bravo KT, Bravo Pro and Bravo Team models.

As always, we are continuously improving and updating our database information so keep checking back for the most accurate information available on ALL vintage Kuwahara BMX.

Stay rad.