This website is an in-depth online guide & reference to all vintage Kuwahara BMXs from the good old school days of BMX racing and riding.

If you are a collector or hobbyist of vintage Kuwahara BMX bicycles, then hopefully you will find this website resourceful, and informative. Being collectors ourselves, we have spent a few years gathering information on Kuwahara BMX’s produced in Japan since 1979 to 1985.

Please NOTE that we have tried to be as accurate as possible in our findings and research (and we are still working on this website). We have also tried to stay open minded to the possibilities of different variations and alternatives according to different releases around the world including different variations from individual bike shops that may have released Kuwahara products with slightly varied components and features. If you have any questions, concerns, or information regarding referencing certain models and years, please contact us at  During our extensive research, we have also noticed that some advertisements from Kuwahara themselves did not accurately depict the actual item that was shipped and sold in stores.  These variations may also skew different thoughts and views of factory releases which we have taken into account.

As this website grows, we will extend our guide past 1985 to include later years. Until then enjoy!